Name:  shabana shaikh
Comments:  as salumu alikum wa rahmatuallah wa barkatuhu. jin sab logo nai is mai madad ki hai woh sab hadiya hasseen wa sataish kai mustahaq hai.har alfaz ko muzu tareenlafz aur fasahat wa balagat kai saat pash kiya hai.yah sab kai liyai nafah bakhash s
Name:  dr sarfraz akhter bhutta
Comments:  a very timely effort in the very right direction
Name:  Arif Shaikh
Comments:  bismillah as salamu alaikum; Jazakallahu Khaire for the wonderful work. I would like to know whether you intend to put the whole Misbah Ul Quran on the site. was salam arif
Name:  Syed Muneer Uddin
Comments:  This is very very nice book. I started learning, it is very easy also. Jazakallah Khair.
Name:  Amreen
Comments:  Assalamuliekum WrWb, May Allah bless you for your efforts, and JazakAllahu Khairun for providing Miftah Ul Quran, its a great help to memorize the tarjuma, Please do add other Juzz/Paras of it if possible. Jzk
Name:  Mohammad Muneer Sadiq Hussain
Comments:  AslamoAlecum.i wish for all of you which are introducing real islam with the help of Holy"QURAN"1st time i open this website as i was watching the turjumanulquran of oct 2006 and found that we can clean our mind and body specialy "heart"by regularly wathc

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