Comments:  ASWRWB I dont have any sentense to apprecites you . only rewarads for this work is[JANAT] JZKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Name:  Muhammad Razi uddin
Comments:  Br. Abdur Rahman Or to whom it may concern Assalaam O Alaikum I live in USA , I love your all products. Alhamdolillah Bait ul Quran team has done wonderful job. Allah swt Give you reward for your efforts (Aameen). I got multimedia DVD and misbhah
Name:  mahjabeen
Comments:  mashaallah bohat acha kam kiya hai .allah usu ko jaza daa or darjat buland kary .color full and informative work hai. allhamduailllah
Name:  umme muhammad
Comments:  assalamu alikum abt misbahul quran Great work mashAllah. we have read parah in our quran class. They are of great help. easy translation and wonderful description hope u will complete the whole quran as soon as possible. JazaAllah Khair
Name:  m.rehan
Comments:  asalam-o-alikum; mashallaha bohat hi achi or karamd site hay allaah apko jazy kher ata kery apki kosishh ko qabool kery.or app is terha hi allaha kay deen ko phlaty rahy or logoo ko bahli ki terf buly hameri duaey apky sath hain allah qabol kery ame
Comments:  AA. We want to purchase 30th para 100 nos for our B.Ed and M.Ed. Students for our for elementry teachers Khan pur . How would you provide us . jzakumullah
Name:  Khalid Mahmood
Comments:  Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh Thanks a lot for Hard and Beutifull work. Jaza kumullaho khaira. Br, Haroon Idrees is teaching Quran in Berlin. I am also Quran Student How it is possible to have this DVD. I will copy also for the other
Name:  Zaki Imtiaz
Comments:  Muallim ul Quran has been uploaded on YOUTUBE search for muallim ul quran on and you have it. or follow the link below:
Name:  mohammad nadeem
Comments:  plz if you add all translation in roman urdu its will be very good because most of kids they cant read urdu plz consider this ALLAH will give you rewards. thanks
Name:  Mah Jabeen
Comments:  Bismillah Assalamau alaikum wr wb SubhanAllah , Misbah Ul Quran has made easy for my whole family to come towards Quran , the way tarjuma is higlighted with different colors ,it really helped us that yes common people like us can study Quran.And Sub

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