Name:  Majid
Comments:  To Find Mualam ul Quran on YouTube & Facebook visit the links: On FaceBook On YouTube
Name:  muntaha zahid
Comments:  Ap bht acha kam kr rhe hain may ALLAH shower his blessings upon u
Name:  Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
Comments:  Assalam alaikum wrwb MashaAllah! Tabaarakallah and Jazaakumullahu khairan InshaAllah I will place this as a link on our website too.
Name:  Shahid Nadeem
Comments:  Aslam oul kum how i can get your multi media quranic DVD ? please inform me? Jazak ullah Khair waslam shahid nadeem
Name:  nazir ahmed qureshi
Comments:  its great achievement. may allah SWT ive u reward here & after. Aameen.
Name:  naveedshazad
Comments:  i take many benefit during itefaq in markaz alhadis lawrance from Hafiz seed imran jazak allah
Name:  doctor mohd samiullah
Comments:  salam alaikum dear brother i appreciate your work for deen and allah give you more chance to do something for muslim and deen and if you intension is only for allah then you will get lot of azr. i want to one reduest to you that please make all your d
Name:  Muhammad Ismail
Comments:  Woa very nice work :) I like misbah ul Quran too much... its very helpful to understand the meaning of QURAN(Ayat).and remember easily. Thanks to bait-ul-quran. and specially thanks to Prof.Abdur Rahman Tahir... May Allah bless you and your team...
Name:  Waris Mahmood Bokhari
Comments:  Jazak Allah Khair. May Allah Almighty bless you all who have put efforts(Ameen )
Name:  Munir
Comments:  بیت القرآن مجھے بہت ہی پسند آیا ہے اوردعاہے &

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